Never Cease To Grow!

Never Cease To Grow!

GateBiotech Test Series

We offer GateBiotech Test Series for GATE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022 exam. It includes 10 GateBiotech Tests and 2 Mock Tests. Click following links for schedule and topics :

GateBiotech Tests: cover whole GATE Biotechnology 2022 syllabus. Each test has 25 + 5 (according to new syllabus) questions, 1 mark each and 60 min to complete it. These tests will have questions from each and every important topic, according to GATE level and pattern. After solving each test, you will get one week time to resolve, analyse and study related topics. We advise you to study background topic of each question intensively.

Mock Tests: follow the GATE 2022 question paper pattern. Each GateBiotech Mock test has 65 questions, 1-2 marks each, total 100 marks and 3 hours to complete it. Engineering mathematics carries 13 marks, general aptitude (language and analytical skills) carries 15 marks and rest 72 marks are dedicated to subject biotechnology.

After finishing GateBiotech 10 tests; you can Email your queries at [email protected], (From 09 January to 22 January 2022) before Mock tests start. We will provide solution* to your queries as soon as possible. For more information, please check AGBT.               

•Fee: Total fee for GateBiotech Test Series is ₹ 3000/- (convenience fee extra)*.



Questions from all important topics.Following GATE pattern and level.
All topics covered, no repeated question.NAT questions.

Difficulty level – GATE.

Solutions of your questions.


Fee for GateBiotech Test Series – ₹ 3000/- + 109.74 (convenience fee)