Never Cease To Grow!


A. Biochemistry

Amino acid no. calculation from DNA lengthSuicide Inhibitors of enzymes
Hammerhead RibozymeProtein secondary structure length calculation
Urea cycleWhich lipid can form bilayer
Ramachandran Plot, allowed rotation around bondsPermeability Coefficient
MWC Model of Allosteric EnzymeNet charge on a peptide sequence
The Plasma MembranePentose phosphate pathway
Extinction Coefficients (Molar vs Percent)The Energetics of Solute Movement (Theory and Calculation)
Km And Vmax, Significance and DeterminationEnzyme Inhibition; Feedback and Competitive
Enzyme Inhibition, Non-competitiveEnzyme Inhibition: Uncompetitive

B. Microbiology

Antibiotics, Mode of Action ListIndustrial Products Producing MOs, List
Classification of VirusesPathogenic Bacteria List
Normal Microflora of Human BodyNitrogen Fixing Microorganisms
Group Translocationlac Operon mutants
Entner-Doudoroff (ED) pathwayMicrobial Growth Phases and Mathematics
Effect of Substrate Concentration on Growth (Monod eq)Serial Dilution Pour Plates and Enumeration of Bacteria

C. Cell Biology

Nuclear fusion experimentCell Cycle Inhibitors
G protein SignalingNerve Cell Action Potential
Hormones and Functions – List 

D. Molecular biology, genetics and population genetics

CpG island, DNA methylationHow many tRNA for given codons
Eukaryotic mRNA CircularizationLampbrush and Polytene Chromosomes
Genetic DisordersHuman Pedigree Analysis
Superhelix Topology CalculationProk. Euk. Replication enzymes table
Hardy Weinberg LawNatural Selection – Adaptive Evolution
Stabilizing, Directional, and Diversifying SelectionFrequency – Dependent Selection
Neutral TheoryGenetic Drift
Species and Speciation 

E. Analytical techniques

MicroscopyInfra Red Spectroscopy
Exome Sequencing, limitationsRAPD
Circular dichroism spectroscopyProtein Purification Table
RadioimmunoassayTroubleshooting of PCR

F. Immunology

Immunoglobulin classificationAntibody Fragmentation
The Generation of Antibody DiversityTypes of Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
Hybridoma, HAT selectionAntibody Class Switching
Cell mediated immunityThe Humoral Immune Response

G. Bioinformatics

Shannon’s Entropy Calculation

H. Recombinant DNA Technology

Positive and Negative selection markersTransformation efficiency
DNA end LabelingThermostable DNA polymerases, Table
Ligase Chain ReactionGateway Cloning
Lambda Red Recombinase SystemGenomic and cDNA library screening calculation
Enzymes used in RDT, functions and applications 

I. Plant and Animal Biotechnology

Transplastomic plantsSecondary Metabolites of plants, List
Biosynthesis of plant Secondary MetabolitesMEP Pathway
Ti Plasmid (vir operon) 

J. Bioprocess Engineering and Process Biotechnology

D, Z and F value in sterilizationEffect of impeller speed on bubble size
Batch FiltrationVan Deemter Equation (Plate Theory)
Scale-upDel-Factor Calculation
Zero Order Reaction KineticsFirst Order Reaction Kinetics
Chemostat with Recycle 

K. Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

Material BalanceBioenergetics (Theory and Calculation)
Dynamic method of kLa measurementMaterial balances with recycle, bypass and purge streams
Degree of ReductionGrowth Stoichiometry and Elemental Balances
Stoichiometry of Product Formation 

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