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Complete Test Series

What to study
Unit-wise tests (50+)
Revision tests (15)
Mock tests (5)
Short notes + e-books
Solutions of test questions*
Full online support
No. of questions: 1200+

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Test Series

GateBiotech tests (10)
Mock tests (2)
Complete syllabus covered
Solutions of GateBiotech tests
Online support*
GATE Calculator
Time bound
No. of que: 380 + 50

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Mock Test Series

Mock tests - 5
Complete syllabus covered
Designed exactly like GATE paper
Time bound
Negative marking
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No solution
No. of questions: 325

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GATE BT Result 2023

GateBiotech Selections

Kadambi Sundara Chari
Kadambi Sundara Chari AIR 93

I am very happy to announce that I have secured AIR 93 and Gate score 685 in Gate BT 2023. Thank you for the support and guidance provided by the team. The questions in the test series really mirrored the questions which were asked in the actual exam. Thank you once again for the invaluable help provided by you.

Varsha N
Varsha N AIR 88

Dear GateBiotech! I'm really grateful for the test series on your website that helped me a lot in my preparation. My score is 53.33/100 with AIR of 88. And it was possible to achieve this because of your support. Thank you so much! I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

Akash Chakraborti
Akash Chakraborti AIR 142

Thanks GateBiotech for your support, i got an rank of 142 with you guys support.

A Shruthi
A Shruthi AIR 994

Happy to inform you that I got an AIR 994. Thanks a lot for your support and guidance.

Indermeet Singh Bakshi AIR 1

To the entire GateBiotech Team, I wanted to thank you with all my heart for all your help. No matter how the exam goes I will give my best and always be thankful to you for your support.

Shourya Majumder
Shourya Majumder AIR 48

Gatebiotech has been a constant support from the very beginning of my preparation. The most important thing is to clear confusing doubts and to solve some similar kind of problems to clear the concepts and to tackle other new numerical. This thing has been done and guided proficiently by this institution - 1/2

Shourya Majumder
Shourya Majumder AIR 48

and I am very much thankful. I will suggest to take the test series as early as possible and to prepare and give tests simultaneously which will boost up the confidence and will reduce the chances of occurring silly mistakes in exam. The short notes are quite helpful too. - 2/2

Aditya Subramanina V
Aditya Subramanian AIR 349

I have qualified gate 2021 with an All-India Rank of 349 with a score of 566/1000. Thank you for your support and guidance. Your test series helped a lot in analysing the places where I usually make mistakes and correcting the same. Once again, thank you for your valuable guidance.

Soham Ray Chaudhary
Soham Ray Chaudhuri AIR 426

Gatebiotech.com has been really helpful throughout these three months and even after the results you keep on encouraging the students and continue to provide counselling to ensure a bright future for them, which is really commendable. This is, by far the best online platform I have ever enrolled with and I do aspire, someday to do the kind of work that you are doing and help other aspirants reach their desired goal. No amount of thanks is really enough to acknowledge your outstanding efforts.

Ankita Murmu
Ankita Murmu AIR 1994

Thanks a lot for providing with wonderful guidance and support! Couldn't have done it without your help. 🙂

Joel Abraham AIR 43

Glad to inform you that I've scored AIR 43 on GATE BT 2020 with a score of 58 on 100 and a normalized score of 748 out of 1000. Thanks a lot for your support in my preparation.

Bhavika Garua
Bhavika Garua AIR - 159

The series helped me a lot in my preparations. The support team provide quick response to your queries.

Rakshika Raveendran AIR 251

I would like to thank you for your relentless support beginning from the test series to my various queries regarding admissions. I may not have been an easy candidate to deal with. Thank you once again for all that you have done.

N S Keerthi
N S Keerthi AIR 452

My GATE score is 38 out of 100. All India rank is 452. Gate normalized score 487. Once again thanks to the entire team of GateBiotech for your kind support and guidance.

Rakshika Raveendran AIR 251

I hope I shall be able to mail you more good news that I encounter further in my life. Hope that you continue to guide more and more students in the future and are responsible for their successes.

Vipul Kumar AIR 41

This all because of your team and wonderful test series you all have prepared, numerical questions were exactly similar what we have solved in mock or revision like Kla value calculation, that graph comes directly (newtonian, pseudoplastic, dilatant), first order enzyme kinetics ..etc overall paper was not tough and almost all the numericals were NAT type. Thank you so much, whatever I will get in this exam it's all your team credit.

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