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GATE 2024

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Last week of Aug 2023

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Regular : 29th Sep 2023

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03rd, 04th, 10th, and 11th Feb 2024

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on the Online Application Website : 16th March 2024

GateBiotech Complete Test Series

1. Who should join it?

B.Tech. 3rd year/ final year students and M.Sc. final year students. Don’t dropout a year for preparation, prepare while you are completing your degree.

If you are starting your preparation from zero, and do not want to join any coaching institute. GateBiotech promotes self-study, as this is the best time and money saver method to succeed. If you know few basics or if you don’t know anything at all, this test series will help you to qualify GATE-BT. We do not target mere GATE qualification; we target under 100 all India rank. It’s just 65 questions that you need to solve, and its easy if you have already solved every possible 1200+ questions in this test series.

2. When should I start preparation?

Right now.

This test series is designed according to syllabus, where you get a minimum of 10 days for a unit (e.g. cell biology) preparation and 20 days for a section (e.g. bioprocess engineering) preparation. You get total 8 months for preparation and your syllabus will be completed in December. You get whole January for revision and Mock tests. We believe 5 months are sufficient for this exam, but we are taking 3 months additionally so that students can do well in their University/College final exams and their grades don’t get affected.

3. How should I start preparation?

When you opt for this test series, you get “what to study” with short notes. It is GATE syllabus with more details added, there are topics, subtopics and important topics for a detailed overview. You have to follow it before attempting any test.

For example, the first test is of biochemistry. You take your time, read the “what to study section” and study accordingly from available books, online resources or your notes. Read each and everything mentioned in syllabus details, and give the test on given date.

4. How GateBiotech Complete Test Series helps me?

We are giving you the best guidance and solution. You have to follow the schedule strictly and be honest in your preparation. Rest is assured. You will study whole syllabus in a very systematic way and immediately after preparing one part you will attempt the test. After each unit/section test, there is a revision test. You have a test every week (except few holidays), where you can make sure if you are preparing well or not. Before the tests start, we will ask about your weak points and strong points to understand your knowledge level, and the solutions will be according to your understanding. Once whole syllabus is completed, we will again ask about your weaknesses and we will try our best to overcome that within few days.

Whole January, you will be solving Revision tests and Mock tests. Mock tests are time bound and designed exactly like GATE papers with marks distribution and negative marking, covering every topic. Few question this year GATE were 100% exact as in our Mock tests. We not only follow the question pattern; we follow the question sources as well. Our students felt no pressure during GATE exam and attempted 50+ questions.

We also do motivational counselling, we will always boost your confidence and push you towards your goal. If you are willing to study well and improve your future, we are here to help you.

5. How my problems will be solved?

• Simply email us at [email protected] Send the screenshot or test name and question number. We reply in the shortest time between Monday to Saturday during working hours.

• We do not provide solutions to all questions at once. Try to solve questions one by one, ask your doubts and after your doubts are resolved send next doubt. In any case please do not send more than 5 doubts (so that you will easily understand the solution).

• Solve theoretical questions by yourself, you can ask us where to find the topics in supportive study materials and e-books.

• Ask any open test question any time but please solve tests according to schedule. It is very hectic and confusing for students who try to solve all tests in last months and do not follow schedule.

6. What if I do not understand the given solution?

Tell us which part you did not understand or you need more explanation, we will reply with more elaborated solution. We care to reply again and again until you understand the concept. Do not leave any question if you do not get it.

7. What happens when I attempt a test?

There is one of the support team members assigned to you. He/she will take care of your each and every query personally. We analyse your attempted test question by question, we review each and every question. Which question was easy for you, why you attempted a wrong option, what kind of mistakes you are making frequently, which topic or subtopic is difficult for you, everything. Then we send you a detailed analysis of that test stating your marks and a list of topics that you should study again.

It is advised to make short notes of the topics we are sending you in order to revise it during January. This is a must do; if you avoid it, we will not be able to help you in the last, as question level will get more difficult in Mock tests.

8. What if I don’t attempt any test?

We will send you reminders. But if you still do not care to attempt any test, we are helpless.

9. Is someone watching my performance in test?

Yes, your each and every attempted test is being watched and analysed.

10. What if I do not understand a topic/concept, prior/after the test?

You can ask us. We will send you the explanation, supporting matter or post a short note.

11. What if my performance in test series is not improving?

We will tell you what should you improve and can help you with it.

12. Should I solve other competitive question papers from other sources?

No need. We are covering GATE-BT, GATE-XL, JAM-BT, JAM-BL, BET, TIFR, IISc question papers, books and every possible sources from where any question has been asked in GATE-BT/XL. If you are solving our complete test series honestly and you understand solution of each and every question, we guarantee you under 100 AIR.

13. What should I do if I am not feeling confident about a section given in syllabus?

We will help you to understand that section, only you have to tell about it earlier. Do not wait for last moment. Even if it is late, we will still make sure that you know important topics of that section and you are able to solve questions from that section. We do not believe in leaving any topic or section just because you don’t know it well, you have to know it well anyhow and we will help you with that. No weaknesses allowed in exam, that’s the first thing you should keep in mind if you want to score well.

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