GATE-BT2024 Selections- Aishee Chakraborty - AIR 43, Tiyasa Malik - AIR 1044, Gourav Mukherjee - AIR 2097 and many more... GATE-BT2023 Selections- Ankita Chowdhury – AIR 40, Varsha N – AIR 88, Kadambi Sundara Chari – AIR 93, Akash Chakraborti – AIR 142, Sanyukta Kalita – AIR 957, A Shruthi – AIR 994, Abhinav Dayal – AIR 1442, Umang Sharma – AIR 1442 and many more... GATE-BT2022 Selections- Adrija Bose - AIR 14, Debasmita Sharma Chaudhuri - AIR 20, Krati Garg - AIR 52, Debjani Das - AIR 138, K.Sundara Chari - AIR 150, Anjana Devi D S - AIR 199, Agnishwar Adhikary - AIR 660, Avinash Bharti - AIR 687, Abhinandan Chanchal - AIR 1107 and many more... GATE-BT2021 Selections- Indermeet Singh Bakshi - AIR 1, Rajdeep Ghosh - AIR 27, Shourya Majumder - AIR 48, Abhishek Tiwari - AIR 289, Aditya Subramanian - AIR 349, Soham Ray Chaudhuri - AIR 426, Sanjana Sharma - AIR 553, Ishita Hiremath - AIR 586, N.Dikshit Chandra - AIR 610 and many more... GATE-BT2020 Selections- Joel Abraham - AIR 43, Rashmi Singh - AIR 160, Adel Neyaz - AIR 276, Roshita Sharma - AIR 676, Pooja Savla - AIR 767, Kamal jain - AIR 799, Ravi Pandey - AIR 918 and many more... GATE-BT2019 Selections- Muskan Khetan - AIR 46, IIT Madras, Bhavika Garua - AIR 159, Shubhi Das - AIR 238, Rakshika Raveendran - AIR 251, IIT Delhi, Anjali Setiya - AIR 543, Vivek Bisht - AIR 597, Tamalika Paul - AIR 620, Javvadi Lakshmi Aswani - AIR 1113 and many more... GATE-BT2018 Selections- Vipul Kumar - AIR 41, IIT Delhi, Madras and Kharagpur; Parvathi Suresh - AIR 46; Ankita Khanna - AIR 196, BITS Pilani; Nidhi Singh - AIR 198; Neeraj Gupta - AIR 210; NS Keerthi - AIR 452, IIT Madras; Bhawna Singh - AIR 452; Bhuvana Maanickam - AIR 1200 and many more...

AGBT - Test Series

Who should join it?

B.Tech. final year or M.Sc. final year / passed out students.

If you have already prepared for GATE and you only want to test your knowledge and preparation level. You should have your subject and syllabus knowledge if you want to opt for this test series.

When should I start preparation?

Right now (you need at least 5 months for preparation).

Take a look at topics of syllabus and start studying from every possible source.

How GateBiotech Test Series helps me?

If you have already prepared for the exam but you are not sure about your preparation level, this test series is best for you. It starts on 8th October 2023 and ends on 1st February 2024. You get 380 + 50 (new syllabus) questions from whole syllabus, the difficulty level (GATE) is same in all tests. From test 1 you will be solving every type of questions (including maths, aptitude, bioprocess numerical) in given time. It is good for practice questions in given time and you get familiar with how to jump from one topic to another topic in shortest duration.

It is advised that you try to solve problems faced in any test, as you get one-week time after every test. You can study related topics, search for solution and note down test number-question number/take screen shot of the problems you couldn’t solve by yourself.

Once 10 tests are over on 30th December 2023, you get some time to send your problems and queries to us. We will reply you as soon as possible. So, you get ready for final Mock tests.

Mock tests are time bound and designed exactly like GATE papers with marks distribution and negative marking, covering every topic. Few question this year GATE exam were 100% exact as in our Mock tests. We not only follow the question pattern; we follow the question sources as well. Our students felt no pressure during GATE exam and most of them attempted 50+ questions.

We also do motivational counselling, we will always boost your confidence and push you towards your goal. If you are willing to study well and improve your future, we are here to help you.

How my problems will be solved?

Please attempt tests before sending any query.

Simply email us at [email protected] (between 5th to 20th January 2025). Send the screenshot or test name and question number. We reply in the shortest time.

Please ask specifically which question, and make some effort to solve problems. Search, try and then ask. Specially for theoretical and aptitude questions, you will have to make an effort at this stage of preparation.

What if I do not understand the given solution?

Tell us which part you did not understand or you need more explanation, we will reply with more elaborated solution. We care to reply again and again until you understand the concept. Do not leave any question if you do not get it.

What happens when I attempt a test?

We take a look at your test once you attempt it. If you are doing well and your marks are very good, we will send you an encouragement email. If you are not doing well, we will send you detailed test analysis for improvement.

What if I don’t attempt any test?

We will send you reminders. But if you still do not care to attempt any test, we are helpless.

Is someone watching my performance in test?

Yes, your each and every attempted test is being watched and analysed.

Should I solve other competitive question papers from other sources?

We recommend to solve each and every question of previous year GATE BT original papers during preparation. And it will be better, if you can solve GATE-XL, JAM-BT and BET papers.